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Ambassadors from 16 countries gather to discuss the development of the employment permit system

The Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation (Chairman Kim Dong-man) held the EPS Conference in Tongyeong Stanford Hotel for two days from June 17 to 18 with about 80 people in attendance including 16 transmission stations** ambassadors and labor officials regarding Employment Permit System*.
* Employment Permit System: A system that allows small and medium-sized companies that fail to find domestic workers to hire foreign workers by issuing employment permits from the government.
** 16 countries: Philippines, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Myanmar, East Timor, Laos

Human Resources Development Service of Korea has held the event annually since 2016 for mutual exchange and cooperation between the transmitting and local governments.
* Host: 2016 (Ulsan), 2017 (Jeju), 2018 (Muju), 2019 (Seoul)

In particular, at this year’s event, the government promised to establish a cooperative system to overcome the pandemic crisis by sharing measures and transmission status of Covid-19 related countries, along with measures to improve working conditions for foreign workers staying in Korea.

In addition, the corporation, together with the Korea Aerospace Industries Co., Ltd., signed a mutual cooperation agreement on the operation of a public-private friendly diplomatic program to support early settlement of foreign workers in the local community.

Kim Dong-man, chairman of the corporation, said, “The Covid-19 is escalating the global economy and job market instability,” adding, “We hope the event will contribute to stabilizing each country’s job market by strengthening joint cooperation among agencies related to the employment permit system.”

Meanwhile, through the Employment Permit System, 229,240 foreign workers are employed in 52,236 workplaces nationwide (as of May 2020), contributing to the balanced development of the national economy and easing of manpower shortages in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Source: Press Release by HRDK,