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‘Gyeonggi Foreigner SNS Reporters’ ready to get to work

Gyeonggi Province announced on the 23rd of April that 24 foreigners were selected for the first “Gyeonggi Foreign SNS Reporters Group” and begin full-fledged operations.

The Gyeonggi Foreign SNS Reporters Group is the first project to be promoted by the 7th popular election this year to provide opportunities for foreign residents in the province to participate in the provincial government as members of the local community.”

Earlier in March, the province recruited participants in the press corps for foreign residents who can speak Korean in local area, and selected 24 finalists, including nine Chinese, 10 Vietnamese and five Russian, through the document screening and the interview process.

The selected press corps will be trained and will be active until the end of this year based on SNS such as Facebook, WeChat and Instagram. Consisting of various occupations, including foreign workers, international students, medical coordinators, instructors and interpreters, they will produce various content at their respective eye levels.

Specifically, it will discover various contents such as major policies related to foreigners in Korea, changing systems, counseling and support related information, provincial government news, local festivals and events, and real-time local news (traffic, disaster, weather conditions, etc.) and write articles and promote them in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian on blogs and social media.

At the end of this year, when the first phase of the activity is over, the government plans to award commendations in the name of the governor of Gyeonggi Province to outstanding activists.

Hong Dong-ki, director of Foreign Policy Division, said, “SNS reporters will serve as a bridge between Korean society and foreign residents. We hope that we will continue to carry out many activities to support and communicate stable settlement of foreign residents.”