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‘Ansan city without discrimination’ is for the first time in Korea to provide living security support for foreign residents.

Ansan City (Mayor Yoon Hwa-seop) provides life security support to all citizens, including foreign residents, to overcome the damage to coronavirus infection-19 (corona19).
According to the city on the 16th, ‘Ansan City Life Security Assistance’ is a basic disaster income paid to 100,000 citizens per person, regardless of age, occupation, or income. As the best multicultural city in Korea, 70,000 won per person is provided to foreign residents such as registered foreigners and foreign nationals.
As a result, 88,000 foreigners (as of February of this year) who have an address in the hall can benefit, and a total of 6.2 billion won is invested in them.
Previously, Ansan City was recognized as a city that recognized cultural and ethnic diversity, and was designated as the “intercultural city” for the second time in Asia and the first in Korea by the European Parliament.
The amount of living security support payments was decided to pay 70,000 won as foreign residents were reflected at 70% of the level of Koreans when calculating the amount of ordinary grant tax required by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. Will do.
The payment period is to be paid as soon as the supplementary budget plan including the related budget is passed at the temporary meeting of the city council scheduled to be held within this month.
Mayor Yoon Hwa-seop of Ansan said, “Infectious diseases do not cover people, and foreigners are also struggling with the same difficulty.” Foreigners in the jurisdiction, regardless of their nationality, are both Korean Ansan citizens. I hope to gather and go through. ”
Meanwhile, the city produces and distributes multi-language leaflets which are translated into Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese for foreigners such as multicultural families and social distances, so that there are no citizens who are marginalized due to the information gap.