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Foreign short-term visa suspension.

The government is considering a plan to suspend all the effects of short-term residence visas (visas) already given to foreigners to prevent the influx of new coronavirus infectious diseases (corona19) from overseas.

Prime Minister Jeong Se-gyun at the Central Disaster Safety Policy Headquarters meeting held at the Sejong Government Complex on the 8th said, “For countries that are forbidden to enter Korea, we will temporarily suspend visa exemption and visa-free entry, and expand the restrictions on foreign entry for unnecessary purposes. I will do it. ” In a subsequent press conference, he explained, “If you minimize visa issuance, suspend the validity of your existing visa, and temporarily suspend the visa waiver agreement, it has almost the same effect as the entry ban.”

In this regard, the government will suspend the short-term visa (within 90 days) for purposes such as tourism, which have already been issued worldwide, multiple government sources said. It takes effect within a few days. However, a long-term visa for study or residence is valid.
One source explained, “As the domestic situation is being fixed, all short-term visas will be canceled in order to prevent the explosion caused by backflow in advance. . The Ministry of Justice plans to officially announce the action on the 9th.

If the measures are implemented, it is expected that there will be restrictions on entry to Chinese people. According to the Ministry of Justice statistical report, about 56.6% (48,8751) of the 8,6141 Chinese who entered Korea in February came on a short-term visa. Upon receiving a new visa application, overseas diplomatic missions in each country will request a health certificate confirming the corona19 negative decision. Another source said, “If the purpose of the visit is explained in sufficient documents, we will be able to issue a new visa without any additional procedures such as interviews. “There is room for similar exceptions as we have asked for exceptions.”

The effect of entering the Chinese, some of the “general elections”… Koreans stop entering the country without a visa

In addition, the government temporarily suspends the visa waiver and visa-free entry system that allowed some countries to come to Korea without a visa through agreements or memorandums of understanding. However, reciprocity applies here. Since there are still countries that allow Koreans to enter the country without visas, the government has decided to stop the visit to Korea only for nationals who restrict Koreans from entering the country. There are 148 countries that restrict entry to Korea.

Americans can continue to enter Korea without a visa. South Korea does not suspend visa waiver agreements with the United States, as the United States does not prevent Koreans from entering the country. The government’s suspension of short-term visas also applies to the United States, but many US citizens who come to Korea for a short-term stay do not often receive a separate visa, as they are entitled to visa-free benefits anyway.
However, the number of foreign immigrants has already been greatly reduced (1262 out of 5073 immigrants on the 7th). It is pointed out whether there is a political purpose when the April 15th general election is a week ahead.

An official from the government explained, “With over 40,000 self-price targets, the quarantine authorities are also empowering.” As the special immigration management that has been proud of it has reached the limit, it is now that the number of foreign immigrants will be reduced.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Chung said on the day that “the current position of the government is 70%” on the emergency disaster support fund, but on the premise that it is a personal opinion. “Isn’t there anything else?”
As for the wristband with a location tracking device, he said, “I will make a conclusion soon, respecting the public opinion with a sense of balance.”